reduce cellulite

The fight against cellulite can be a long process, often with unsatisfying results. We believe we have found the solution: electro muscular stimulation. With EMS:

  • The connective tissue is tightened
  • The blood circulation is improved
  • The excessive fat cells are burned

The result is noticeably firmer, tighter skin.


EMS training enhances circulation through all connective tissue which helps improve skin tone. It also helps remove metabolic by-products and toxins in the lymph glands and it can help stimulate internal organs and peristalsis. Wellbeing made easy!


When you embark on your exercise program to reduce cellulite with VITALFIT, you will be given an initial consultation, where we will discuss your requirements and suggest the best programme for you.

Then, you will be put through a series of simple, isometric exercises that are much less strenuous than the average gym workout. The electronic muscle stimulation will do the deep toning and muscle contractions for you.


Training regularly, with a high level of intensity is very important to achieve well-toned muscles and reduce excess  body fat. When muscles are well formed, they tighten the skin lying above the muscle, giving it a smooth, beautiful appearance. However, the level of training intensity required is seldom achieved through traditional strength training or body toning workouts. EMS training enables large muscle groups to be trained simultaneously, with a high level of intensity without a high level of effort. This results in fat stores from the hips, waist and buttocks being effectively reduced. In short, EMS is a brilliant cellulite exercise.