Ems Training Rehabilitation

ems Rehabilitation

EMS is the best solution to activate your muscles, re-accelerate metabolism and blood circulation and activate any weakened cells.

VITALFIT’s rehab method can help people with limited mobility to significantly speed up the rehabilitation process. 

Whether you are not yet able to exercise on your own or are already in the rehab phase of your training, the VITALFIT rehab programme is a real asset when it comes to activating muscles and speeding up recovery. 

Our Certified Sports therapists work from a knowledge and skills base to treat sporting injuries, such as lower back pain, muscle strain, and ligament sprains. Using a range of physical techniques and therapies, our trainers can advise on injury prevention in the post rehabilitation process.  Our therapist can also help you with sport massage treatments, postural biomechanics movements and corrections.

Of course, we can’t cure diseases, but we can help people regenerate faster and get back to living a good quality life as quickly as possible.

ems Rehabilitation for Athletes

EMS rehabilitation for athletes is an efficient way to recover from injury while staying fit. We can reduce mobility due to the injury while maintaining muscle mass and joint protection.

With EMS, we can also isolate and focus on specific muscle groups.

It also helps reduce inflammation at the site of injury as it stimulates the drainage of the fluid that occurs after the injury.

Our method of using EMS is more comfortable compared to other muscle stimulation equipment. Our training methods can help you quickly and safely get back to the activities you love.


According to a 2004 study (Lategan et al.),the result of using EMS to treat sports injuries was extremely favourable. Following four weeks of EMS training and rehabilitation, there was a 14.4% increase in isokinetic knee flexion and a 26.51% increase in isokinetic work performed by the hamstrings.

Four weeks of EMS training was effective in strengthening of the joints.

88% of participants significantly reduced their level of back pain.

After just 2 training sessions, 20% of participants were pain free, and 50% after 6 weeks.

40% of participants had chronic back pain at the start of the study, and after 6 weeks of training, this was just 9%.

Around the world, doctors and clinicians use EMS to increase muscle strength especially during the early phases of musculo-skeletal rehabilitation.